World update: January 16 2018

OIL Don’t look now, but oil prices are back up. Brent crude closed at just shy of $70/barrel on Tuesday, the highest it’s been in about three years. The joint Saudi-Russian agreement to cut supply is finally starting to have some bite to it as stockpiles are being reduced, which is bringing the oil market… Continue reading World update: January 16 2018

The least scandalous scandal ever

It’s always fun to watch the theater that unfolds whenever a country is caught spying on one of its allies. The country that gets caught has to insist that it would never, even though of course it did, while the country that’s being spied on has to feign outrage and pretend that it’s not doing… Continue reading The least scandalous scandal ever

The US government finally decides to get out of the antivax business

It took the murder of a few dozen vaccine workers and probably a couple hundred or so Pakistani kids getting polio in the year two thousand by god fourteen, but the US government has done some deep soul searching and decided that, you know, maybe we shouldn’t let our spy agencies use fake vaccine programs… Continue reading The US government finally decides to get out of the antivax business

Taking an oath

Between trying to complete a move halfway across the country and trying to shake an apparently unshakeable virus, posting around here has been light and will continue to be light for a few days to come. To the extent that this impacts anybody’s well-being other than mine, I apologize. I managed to at least get… Continue reading Taking an oath