Asia/Africa update: December 18 2018

Tonight’s updates will unfortunately have to be our last of 2018. I had hoped to continue for a couple more days before breaking for the holidays but between holiday plans, travel plans, and other commitments my attention and stress levels have reached the breaking point. Owing in part to a strange winter break schedule for… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 18 2018

World update: December 15-16 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE The COP24 climate summit in Poland ended on Saturday with an agreement on implementing the Paris Climate Accord’s carbon emission pledges. But the process was not smooth and the outcome not without its issues: After fraught and much-delayed talks at the COP24 climate change conference here in Polish coal country, more than 190… Continue reading World update: December 15-16 2018

World update: December 14 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A joint Afghan-US offensive in Kunar province late Thursday killed 20 Taliban fighters and/or 60 civilians, depending on whose story you believe. The Taliban are obviously pushing the latter scenario, while Kabul is obviously pushing the former. The savvy reader will note that they’re not mutually exclusive. Elsewhere, a drone strike in Helmand… Continue reading World update: December 14 2018

Asia/Africa update: December 13 2018

ASIA SRI LANKA Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that President Maithripala Sirisena violated the country’s constitution when he attempted to dissolve parliament last month so as to install Mahinda Rajapaksa as prime minister. At this point, it’s hard to see what legal choice Sirisena has left but to return Ranil Wickremesinghe to the PM job and… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 13 2018

World update: December 12 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Under heavy pressure from the Taliban, Afghan forces have abandoned the Shebkoh district in Farah province and retreated to Farah city. The Taliban has focused a good deal of effort on Farah province this year, both because it’s remote from Kabul and therefore hard for the Afghans to defend, and because it’s home to… Continue reading World update: December 12 2018

World update: December 3 2018

OPEC OPEC members are meeting in Vienna on Thursday, and most expectations are that they’ll agree on a 500,000 barrel per day cut in oil production in order to boost prices. If they do it probably won’t go over well with Donald Trump, and OPEC members have to be cognizant of his mood swings as… Continue reading World update: December 3 2018

World update: November 30 2018

G20 I was trying to figure out why there seems to have been less news than usual over the past couple of days, and then it hit me: it’s the G20. With most of the worst human beings in the world gathered together in Buenos Aires to irritate one another, they’re forced to leave the… Continue reading World update: November 30 2018