Europe/Americas update: June 14 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup for the next month–perhaps you’ve heard about that. Which is a nice chance for Vladimir Putin to parade himself around like a world titan. It’s also a nice chance for a bunch of young Russians and young foreigners to meet and mingle. But is that such… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 14 2018

World update: April 12 2018

Kind of a crazy day here at attwiw HQ, so this is going to be truncated and it will go out much earlier than usual. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA According to Russian sources Eastern Ghouta is now entirely in Syrian control. As to the expected US et al response to Saturday’s alleged chemical weapons attack in… Continue reading World update: April 12 2018

Europe/Americas update: March 16 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA US officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI said on Thursday that Russian hackers have been engaged in what appears to be a very serious effort to penetrate major US infrastructure: “Since at least March 2016, Russian government cyber actors” have targeted “government entities and multiple U.S. critical infrastructure sectors,”… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 16 2018

Rex Tillerson update: March 13 2018

So Rex Tillerson is out as US Secretary of State, effective April 1 (though he’s handed over all his responsibilities to his deputy, John Sullivan, in the meantime). This is big news, inasmuch as the firing of any Secretary of State would be big news. The US Secretary of State is a very important person–he… Continue reading Rex Tillerson update: March 13 2018

Middle East update: December 19 2017

ISIS While American officials are pushing the line that most ISIS fighters have perished on the Syrian-Iraqi battlefield over the past several months, BuzzFeed reporters investigating the situation at the Syrian-Turkish border say that the story isn’t quite so neat or comforting: Interviews with smugglers and human traffickers, carried out over the summer and fall,… Continue reading Middle East update: December 19 2017

Europe/Americas update: December 8 2017

WAR ON TERROR The New York Times‘ Islamic extremism reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, has been tracking terrorist groups’ reactions to Donald Trump’s announcement that the US is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It’s been universally negative, with one interesting exception: The Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has long been one of the… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 8 2017

World update: December 1 2017

ASIA PAKISTAN At least four Pakistani Taliban fighters stormed a dormitory at the University of Peshawar on Friday, killing at least nine people. Most students had gone home for the holiday (today was Muhammad’s birthday, which is observed by most Muslims), so it’s possible this attack could have been much deadlier. NORTH KOREA South Korea’s… Continue reading World update: December 1 2017