Conflict update: May 3 2017

WELL, AT LEAST HE’S BEING HONEST Rex Tillerson gave a talk at the State Department today and I think he might have said the quiet parts loud: “I think it is really important that all of us understand the difference between policy and values,” the secretary of state, a former oil executive, said as part… Continue reading Conflict update: May 3 2017

Conflict update: April 25 2017

SYRIA This morning, Turkish aircraft struck Kurdish targets in Iraq’s Sinjar region and around the town of Derika (also known as Dayrik and al-Malikiyah) in northeastern Syria. The Syrian YPG militia says that 20 of its fighters were killed in the strikes, while Turkey claims that it killed 70 “militants” across both targets. The Iraqi… Continue reading Conflict update: April 25 2017

Conflict update: March 24 2017

TRUMP UPDATE Donald Trump had a not so very great day on the health care reform front, but he does seem to finally be circling around a potential deputy for Rex Tillerson at the State Department–or, in other words, a deputy for Jared Kushner’s deputy: John J. Sullivan, a prominent Republican lawyer who served in… Continue reading Conflict update: March 24 2017

Secretary of Stifled

When Donald Trump announced that he was nominating Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State, I have to say my first reaction was relief. Which is not to say that I have any positive feelings about Rex Tillerson, and in fact having the former CEO of ExxonMobil as our Secretary of State is incredibly bad… Continue reading Secretary of Stifled

Dumb and probably illegal to boot

People use the sentence “I am not a lawyer” so often that it has its own acronym, IANAL, for people who spend way too much time online. I myself am not a lawyer, which is not to say I don’t realize that the law is important or that I don’t understand legal issues (well, at… Continue reading Dumb and probably illegal to boot

Diplomats Against Diplomacy

51 people in the US State Department who apparently call themselves “diplomats” have decided that enough’s enough with this diplomacy shit: More than 50 State Department diplomats have signed an internal memo sharply critical of the Obama administration’s policy in Syria, urging the United States to carry out military strikes against the government of President… Continue reading Diplomats Against Diplomacy

The Trump Primary

Today, the classiest candidate in the Republican field declared that if when if he’s elected president, he won’t even take a salary. What a guy! If the latest CNN poll is to be believed, the Republican primary is a four person race at the moment (Trump, Fiorina, Carson, and Rubio, with JEB just hanging around),… Continue reading The Trump Primary