Asia/Africa update: July 30 2018

ASIA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Indo-Pacific Business Forum on Monday that the United States is prepared to shell out a whole $113 million for infrastructure projects across the Indo-Pacific region. If you’re looking for a simple explanation as to why China’s Belt and Road Initiative is so popular despite the fact that… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: July 30 2018

Asia/Africa update: July 20 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Over the past two days the Taliban has attacked two police checkpoints–one in Ghazni province and the other in Zabul province–killing 12 Afghan police officers. The group tells the AP that it’s working to minimize civilian casualties as a concession toward possible peace talks, but it hasn’t received any indication that the US… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: July 20 2018

World update: July 13 2018

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA In what was incredibly only the second most heinous atrocity story of the day (see Pakistan, below) a Thursday airstrike on the Syrian village of al-Soussa, near al-Bukamel, reportedly killed at least 54 people, at least 28 of them civilians. This was likely a US airstrike–the anti-ISIS coalition has admitted that it… Continue reading World update: July 13 2018

World update: July 12 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A likely Taliban attack on a military post in Kunduz province killed at least 15 Afghan soldiers on Thursday, though some estimates had the toll as high as 30. A separate likely Taliban attack on a police checkpoint in Farah province left four police officers dead. Additionally, a US service member died of… Continue reading World update: July 12 2018

World update: July 10 2018

It’s been a long day so if it’s OK with you I’m going to roll through these updates with a minimum of banter. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Rebels in Daraa city say they’ve begun surrender talks with Russian officials in hopes of staving off a full Syrian-Russian offensive. The inevitable recovery of Daraa will be a… Continue reading World update: July 10 2018

Asia/Africa update: June 9-10 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban, in a bit of a surprise, responded to the Afghan government’s ceasefire of last week with a ceasefire of its own, over the Eid holiday following Ramadan. It is the Taliban’s first ceasefire of the entire Afghanistan War, so kind of a big deal. The Taliban did reserve the right to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: June 9-10 2018

World update: June 6 2018

G7 The G7 is meeting in Quebec over the weekend, and already–you might want to sit down for this, because it’s going to shock you–Donald Trump is planning on being a dick to everybody else there: In a sign that Trump is looking to stoke divisions, White House officials are discussing ways to impose additional… Continue reading World update: June 6 2018