Middle East update: August 16 2017

IRAQ Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the air campaign against Tal Afar continues to ratchet up in advance of the ground offensive that will begin…well, someday. Probably someday soon but I don’t want to overpromise. Anonymous Iraqi sources are still talking about weeks before the ground attack really begins. There’s less… Continue reading Middle East update: August 16 2017

Conflict update: April 1-2 2017

EGYPT Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is in Washington right now, preparing for his big meeting tomorrow with fellow authoritarian personality Donald Trump. Because I did a TV spot for Alhurra about this earlier today and it’s therefore fresh in my brain, here are a few things they might get to talking about tomorrow. These… Continue reading Conflict update: April 1-2 2017

Conflict update: March 28 2017

BREXIT Theresa May will formally trigger Britain’s exit from the European Union on Wednesday. That will begin the two-year negotiation over the terms of that exit, meaning that the UK will be out of the EU as of March 29, 2019. The European parliament is reportedly preparing a resolution in response to the trigger that… Continue reading Conflict update: March 28 2017

Conflict update: March 27 2017

A FEATURE, NOT A BUG: PART I At LobeLog, I look at the recent increase in US-caused civilian casualties in the Middle East, and the presumption, still denied by Washington in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, that President Trump has told the Pentagon to stop worrying about civilian casualties and just blow… Continue reading Conflict update: March 27 2017

Conflict update: March 25-26 2017

THIS CAN’T BE REAL, CAN IT My capacity to believe that the current President of the United States will do insanely offensive, ridiculous shit is pretty vast, but I have to say I’m having a hard time believing this actually happened: Angela Merkel will reportedly ignore Donald Trump’s attempts to extricate £300bn from Germany for… Continue reading Conflict update: March 25-26 2017