Asia/Oceania/Africa update: March 14-15 2019

ASIA TAJIKISTAN Violence between a crowd of Tajiks and a crowd of Kyrgyz in Vorukh on Wednesday left at least two Tajiks dead. Vorukh is a Tajik exclave, completely surrounded by Kyrgyzstan and connected to the rest of Tajikistan by one road running through Kyrgyz territory. The clash apparently was over a road that Kyrgyz… Continue reading Asia/Oceania/Africa update: March 14-15 2019

World update: November 26 2018

As usual when I return from an extended break, we’ll be sticking to things that happened today or are particularly relevant rather than trying to recap everything that’s happened while I was gone. ASIA TAJIKISTAN ISIS has claimed responsibility for causing a riot earlier this month at a Tajik prison in Khujand in which potentially… Continue reading World update: November 26 2018

Asia/Oceania/Africa update: August 27 2018

ASIA TAJIKISTAN According to Afghan officials, either the Russian or Tajik military conducted airstrikes in northeast Afghanistan’s Takhar province on Monday, but whatever did or did not happen there is being lost amid a flurry of denials from just about everybody who might have been involved. The Afghans say that Tajik helicopters or possibly jets… Continue reading Asia/Oceania/Africa update: August 27 2018

World update: August 25-26 2018

ASIA TAJIKISTAN Artillery fire struck Tajikistan’s Khatlon province on Sunday, killing at least two people. Most of the details of the attack remain unclear but it’s thought that the shelling came from across the border in Afghanistan. AFGHANISTAN A suicide bomber killed at least seven people outside an electoral commission office in Jalalabad on Saturday.… Continue reading World update: August 25-26 2018

World update: August 13 2018

ASIA CENTRAL ASIA The Diplomat’s Umida Hashimova explains why Central Asian countries are still all-in on the Belt and Road Initiative even as some of China’s other partners are starting to balk at its onerous terms: Central Asian countries are in need of large-scale investments and the BRI intends to do just that. So far,… Continue reading World update: August 13 2018

World update: August 6 2018

ASIA GEORGIA Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told reporters on Monday that any NATO decision to admit Georgia “could provoke a terrible conflict.” Which seems bad because NATO has said that it will eventually admit Georgia as a member. Russia could seemingly block Georgia from entering NATO because, by rule, countries dealing with territorial disputes cannot… Continue reading World update: August 6 2018

World update: August 2 2018

ASIA TAJIKISTAN Not willing to let a good crisitunity pass, the Tajik government has reportedly already tried, convicted, and sentenced 14 members of the outlawed Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan for their alleged involvement in a hit-and-run attack that killed four bicyclists just earlier this week. Talk about speedy justice. ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack,… Continue reading World update: August 2 2018