World update: January 28 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIAThe Syrian Democratic Forces' commander in Baghouz, Heval Roni, says that ISIS is down to its last four square kilometers of territory in Syria, a stretch of territory from the Baghouz area to the Iraqi border. The SDF believes there are "some high-ranking" ISIS bigwigs in that enclave, but doesn't know if Abu … Continue reading World update: January 28 2019


World update: September 3 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN UPDATE: Naturally this broke after I'd called it a night: Jalaluddin Haqqani was almost 80 so this doesn't come as a huge shock. He lived long enough to go from being a Mujahideen daring of the Reagan administration (at a time when he was one of Osama bin Laden's patrons) to being considered … Continue reading World update: September 3 2018