Saturday Night Tunes: Monk’s Music

1957’s Monk’s Music was recorded during the brief period after John Coltrane had left Miles Davis (partly because Davis had had enough of Coltrane’s heroin habit) and joined Monk for a stint at New York’s Five Spot Cafe. Very few studio recordings exist of Coltrane and Monk together, because the two of them were signed to… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Monk’s Music

Saturday Night Tunes: Brilliant Corners

There’s really no duplicating the music of Thelonious Monk, which I find that people either love or hate with little in between. He bridged the bebop and hard bop eras, but his music doesn’t slot neatly into either of those categories, nor is it exactly in line with what would come to be called “free… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Brilliant Corners