World update: October 19 2017

Happy Diwali to those who are celebrating! I confess to knowing little about Hinduism and even less about Diwali, so if somebody wants to educate the rest of the class in the comments please feel free. (As an aside, though there’s usually not much activity in the comments around here, be aware that I have… Continue reading World update: October 19 2017

World update: September 30-October 1 2017

SPAIN Let’s talk about nationalism for a minute. Nationalism sucks. It’s tribalistic, inherently discriminatory, often violent, exclusionary, and antithetical to values like liberty, egalitarianism, peace, and harmony. Nationalist parties are among the most loathsome political parties in the world: the National Front in France, Britain’s UKIP and the Tory right, Alternative for Germany, Turkey’s MTP,… Continue reading World update: September 30-October 1 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 19-20 2017

ASIA KYRGYZSTAN Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is winning friends in Kyrgyzstan. He met on Tuesday with Omurbek Babanov, one of the candidates who will be standing for president in Kyrgyzstan’s October 15 election, and was immediately accused by Bishkek of interfering with the election. Babanov is an opposition candidate, you see, and could be a… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 19-20 2017

World update: September 13 2017

Sorry, but today’s update needs to be another short and early one MIDDLE EAST IRAQ The Kurds have a major supporter in their independence movement: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Which is, on some level, just astonishing. Israel has cultivated good relations with Kurds of all stripes for decades, so this makes sense viewed through… Continue reading World update: September 13 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 12 2017

ASIA AZERBAIJAN The Azerbaijani government is threatening to stop cooperating militarily with Western nations unless those Western nations cram it with respect to Azerbaijan’s lousy human rights record. Unfortunately for Baku, Azerbaijan’s military assistance just isn’t that crucial to Western interests. Officially it’s helped out with peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan, and its… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 12 2017