World update: April 11 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE A new study finds that Greenland’s ice is melting more rapidly than previously believed and has been since the 1990s. There’s enough ice covering Greenland to raise ocean levels by about 20 feet, so this is kind of not great news. ASIA AZERBAIJAN In what is likely the least surprising political news of… Continue reading World update: April 11 2018

World update: February 15 2018

It’s been a bit of a long day so I’m going to try to keep things brief and contained to one post tonight. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Reuters is reporting that over 300 Russian mercenaries were killed or injured in last week’s US airstrike in Deir Ezzor. Around 100 of them were killed. This is the… Continue reading World update: February 15 2018

Europe/Americas: December 19 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Both Russia and China are unhappy with being labeled American “competitors” in the new National Security Strategy, though they’re handling it in different ways: Officials in Russia and China pushed back on Tuesday against the characterization of their countries as threats to the United States in a new national security doctrine published by… Continue reading Europe/Americas: December 19 2017

World update: December 4 2017

ASIA PAKISTAN Defense Secretary James Mattis visited Pakistan on Monday to call for increased Pakistani cooperation to counter the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network. The Trump administration continues to threaten to cut Pakistani aid unless the military and ISI stop supporting those groups, and all I can say is, good luck with that: “There… Continue reading World update: December 4 2017

Asia/Africa update: October 17-18 2017

ASIA KAZAKHSTAN If you’re a fan of trees, then today was a pretty good news day. Deforestation is apparently down in Brazil (I’ll get to that) and also we learned from the Rockefeller Foundation, via the Guardian, that Kazakhstan’s efforts to plant a million trees in a ring around the city of Astana are starting to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: October 17-18 2017

Europe/Americas update: September 23-25 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Because we live in bar-none the stupidest time in all of human history, there are a lot of Russian people who are very angry with Morgan Freeman. The actor. How can anybody be mad at the guy who narrated March of the Penguins, you ask? Well, Freeman, for some reason, lent his voice and… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 23-25 2017

Europe/Americas update: July 12-13 2017

EUROPE CYPRUS Although reunification talks collapsed last week, observers say there are positives to take away from the negotiations. For one thing, Turkey showed more flexibility on the issue of its future military role on the island (there are reports they actually offered to give up any right to intervene to protect Turkish Cypriots, though… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: July 12-13 2017