World update: May 2 2016

Sorry, we’ve got another relatively brief update today. It’s been a busy day at HQ and your blog host isn’t feeling well to boot. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Rebels controlling an enclave near Homs said on Wednesday that they have reached agreement with Damascus and Russia to evacuate that area, surrender their heavy weapons, and relocate north near… Continue reading World update: May 2 2016

World update: November 11-12 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Concern is mounting in Afghanistan over the Fatemiyoun Division, an Iranian-created force made up of Afghan Shiʿa currently fighting in Syria (and allegedly Yemen). Afghan officials fear that Iran may reorganize veterans of that force once they’re back in Afghanistan, both to serve as an Iranian proxy and for the protection of Afghanistan’s… Continue reading World update: November 11-12 2017

Libya gets A ceasefire, but not THE ceasefire

Alongside the much more prominent and destructive national civil war that’s been raging in Libya between its two competing governments (and between those governments and ISIS), there’s also been a regional war going on in the southern part of the country (the Fezzan region) between two Berber peoples, the Tubu and Tuareg. They’ve had a… Continue reading Libya gets A ceasefire, but not THE ceasefire