Asia/Africa update: March 5 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTANThe New York Times highlights a budding split between urban and rural Afghans over peace talks with the Taliban: As American diplomats push for a peace deal with the Taliban to end the 18-year war, a strong voice of protest, largely coming from urban centers, has been cautioning against a rushed deal that could endanger … Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 5 2019


Middle East update: April 11 2018

SYRIA I'm definitely not in the business of trying to predict when the US (and whoever else decides to participate) is going to start bombing Syrian government targets, but I think it's worth noting that the Carrier Strike Group led by the USS Harry S. Truman just left Norfolk on Wednesday for "a regularly scheduled … Continue reading Middle East update: April 11 2018

Asia/Oceania/Africa update: April 7-8 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Operating under the belief that the Taliban is increasingly reliant for revenue on its control over Afghanistan's opium trade, the US is taking drastic measures: it's rethinking decades of utterly failed drug policy bombing more shit in Afghanistan. US and Afghan forces have stepped up airstrikes in western Afghanistan targeting drug labs, the … Continue reading Asia/Oceania/Africa update: April 7-8 2018