Europe/Americas update: March 12 2018

EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is taking a lot of heat for appointing his personal aid, Martin Selmayr, to be the commission’s secretary-general. Needless to say the appointment smacks of nepotism at a time when euroskepticism is already high, though defenders say that Selmayr is qualified for the job. RUSSIA OK, I am prepared… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 12 2018

Europe/Americas update: March 2 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA The Russian government on Friday angrily rejected claims from the Trump administration that its fancy new nuclear weapons that promise to destroy humanity even better than the old ones actually violate international treaties. For the Russians, ironically, it’s America’s decision to abrogate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 that’s partly motivating their decision… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 2 2018

Europe/Americas update: February 19-20 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Hey Russians! A new viral video wants to let you know that you need to vote for Vladimir Putin–or, you know, somebody else I guess–in Russia’s presidential election next month or else, uh, you’ll have to take in a gay tenant? Wait, what the hell- The video is set on 17 March, the… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 19-20 2018

Europe/Americas: January 29 2018

EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION Donald Trump seems to be itching for a trade war with the European Union, and the EU says it will give him one if it comes to that: Brussels has warned that it stands ready to retaliate and potentially open up a transatlantic trade war if the US delivers on apparent threats… Continue reading Europe/Americas: January 29 2018

World update: January 18 2018

ASIA KASHMIR At least four people–three of them civilians–were killed on Thursday during an exchange of mortar and gunfire across the Kashmiri line of control. Both Pakistani and Indian forces accused the other side of shooting first. INDIA India, meanwhile, tested a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday, and while your immediate inclination might be… Continue reading World update: January 18 2018

Shithole update #3 (Europe/Americas): January 11-12 2018

EUROPE UKRAINE Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed on Thursday as Kiev and eastern Ukrainian separatists accused one another of ratcheting up the violence in the Donbas. POLAND In an effort to prove to the European Union that it really stands for democracy and isn’t just trying to amass power, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party… Continue reading Shithole update #3 (Europe/Americas): January 11-12 2018

World update: December 21 2017

While I never say never around here, I feel pretty strongly that tonight’s updates will be attwiw’s final ones for 2017. We’re hosting Christmas here and then traveling to visit family, so I need a bit of time to prepare and then most of next week will just be logistically impossible. The blog won’t go… Continue reading World update: December 21 2017