World update: May 15 2018

Remember that tonight’s updates are the last I’ll be doing until next Tuesday. Ramadan Mubarak to anyone who is observing the fast and thanks for reading. See you next week. ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban say they’ve captured Farah city, in western Afghanistan, after a daylong battle. Afghan authorities are promising to drive them out of… Continue reading World update: May 15 2018

World update: May 30 2017

MISSILE DEFENSE Well, this might actually be good news: The US military has successfully carried out its first-ever missile defense test involving a simulated attack by an intercontinental ballistic missile, in a major milestone for a program meant to defend against a mounting North Korean threat. The US military fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)-type… Continue reading World update: May 30 2017

Europe update: May 27-29 2017

THE TRUMP EFFECT Donald Trump just returned from an extended trip in Europe, where he attended a meeting of NATO heads of state and then the G7 summit in Sicily. It…didn’t go very well: Body language aside, there was much else to marvel at. In his speech at Nato’s new headquarters – the cost of… Continue reading Europe update: May 27-29 2017

Conflict update: February 16 2017

Like Sands Through the Hourglass The longer this day wore on with no word that Robert Harward had accepted Donald Trump’s once-in-a-lifetime offer to witness a four year-long tire fire firsthand, the more it began to seem like Harward might pass. And, sure enough, a couple of hours ago word broke that Harward had, in… Continue reading Conflict update: February 16 2017