World update: April 18 2018

OK, so. WordPress has been down most of the day so I prepared a short update in case it came back online at some point. As you can undoubtedly tell, it is back, but it’s too late and I’m too fried to write anything else today so this will have to do. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA… Continue reading World update: April 18 2018

Middle East update: March 1 2018

SYRIA So far Russia’s plan to open a five hour ceasefire window every day in Eastern Ghouta to allow civilians to leave and humanitarian aid to come in has been a gigantic bust. I know, I was shocked too. The United Nations says the windows aren’t nearly long enough to actually accomplish either of those… Continue reading Middle East update: March 1 2018

World update: December 12, 2017

Happy Hanukkah to those readers who are celebrating! CLIMATE CHANGE Good news from the Arctic: Permafrost in the Arctic is thawing faster than ever, according to a new US government report that also found Arctic seawater is warming and sea ice is melting at the fastest pace in 1,500 years.   The annual report released… Continue reading World update: December 12, 2017

And the award for “Most Unhinged Reaction to the Iran Deal” goes to…

Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)! Congratulations, Senator! Everything about Kirk’s reaction to the deal in this radio interview is over the top. There’s the 2008-era birther-lite usage of the “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” form, the assertion that Obama actually wants “to get nukes to Iran,” the 100% certain prediction of a future nuclear war in the Middle… Continue reading And the award for “Most Unhinged Reaction to the Iran Deal” goes to…

Money always talks

Until yesterday, Senator Mark Kirk, from my old home state of Illinois, was one of the few elected Republicans willing to acknowledge the reality of climate change and man’s impact on it. Then this happened: Kirk, who was serving in the House at the time but is now running for reelection in the Senate, described… Continue reading Money always talks

Final thoughts on The Shutdown That Almost Was

It’s still possible for the Senate to gum up the works, but it seems like our legislature has managed the almost unprecedented feat of accomplishing the most basic act of governance while only almost screwing it all up. And it only took a few big concessions to really rich people to Get The Job Done.… Continue reading Final thoughts on The Shutdown That Almost Was

Shutdown Countdown III: in the home shutdown stretch

At this point it looks like there’s virtually no chance that the so-called “Cromnibus” funding measure will be able to pass the House. John Boehner clearly doesn’t have the votes to pass it along party lines, and Nancy Pelosi and many Democrats have come out hard against it. At issue, as we learned yesterday, is… Continue reading Shutdown Countdown III: in the home shutdown stretch