World update: November 3-4 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A US soldier was killed on Saturday in what appears to have been another “insider attack” in Afghanistan. Brent Taylor, the mayor of North Ogden, Utah, was killed by a member of the Afghan security forces, who was also killed. It’s not clear what the motive was–these kinds of attacks can be arranged by… Continue reading World update: November 3-4 2018

World update: August 13 2018

ASIA CENTRAL ASIA The Diplomat’s Umida Hashimova explains why Central Asian countries are still all-in on the Belt and Road Initiative even as some of China’s other partners are starting to balk at its onerous terms: Central Asian countries are in need of large-scale investments and the BRI intends to do just that. So far,… Continue reading World update: August 13 2018

Asia/Africa update: August 11-12 2018

ASIA UZBEKISTAN The Afghan Taliban sent a delegation to Uzbekistan last week, ostensibly to talk about the Afghan peace process but probably more as a demonstration of its improving situation vis-a-vis the war and the legitimate Afghan government in Kabul. The Afghan government says that the Uzbek government had its permission to invite the Taliban… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 11-12 2018

World update: August 9 2018

ASIA ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN If you talk about “settlements” in a contemporary geopolitical context the assumption people usually have is that you’re talking about Israel’s settlements in the West Bank. Joshua Kucera writes about a lesser-known settlements situation in the parts of Azerbaijan surrounding the Armenian breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh: Unlike Nagorno-Karabakh, the population of which had… Continue reading World update: August 9 2018

Asia/Africa update: June 21 2018

ASIA UZBEKISTAN Voice of America’s Navbahor Imamova believes that the US should help bolster what increasingly appears to be a genuine reform effort underway in Uzbekistan: Americans stand to benefit from progress in the largest country in Central Asia. Just north of war-torn Afghanistan, a successful Uzbekistan would be a more reliable partner, not just in… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: June 21 2018

World update: June 15 2018

Eid Mubarak! ASIA UZBEKISTAN Maybe Uzbekistan isn’t at the top of your world tourism list. I get that. Parts of the country are supposed to be amazing, like Samarkand. On the other hand, their last president had that whole “boiling people to death” thing happening. But if the change in leadership hasn’t convinced you to… Continue reading World update: June 15 2018

World update: February 12 2018

ASIA UZBEKISTAN The Uzbek government on Monday suddenly unblocked several media and NGO websites, including Voice of America and Amnesty International, as well as the website for the opposition People’s Movement of Uzbekistan. Many of these sites had been blocked in Uzbekstan for over 12 years. This happened so quickly that it’s hard to know what… Continue reading World update: February 12 2018