World update: March 10-11 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least 24 Afghan soldiers were killed on Saturday in Farah province when, while assembling for an operation, they were attacked by the Taliban. In related news, the Taliban have apparently been telling religious scholars not to attend a conference later this month in Indonesia that is supposed to build momentum for negotiations… Continue reading World update: March 10-11 2018

Asia/Africa update: March 8 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN An airstrike probably from a US drone hit a Pakistani Taliban (TTP) training camp in Saresha Sultan Shah village, in Afghanistan’s Kunar province, on Thursday. At least 20 TTP fighters are believed to have been killed, including two senior figures and the son of the TTP’s top leader, Mullah Fazlullah. PAKISTAN Meanwhile, the US… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 8 2018

Asia/Africa update: February 26 2018

ASIA PAKISTAN In a real curiosity, the BBC has apparently found three men who still speak Badeshi, an Indo-Iranian language spoken in Pakistan’s Bishigram valley that was previously believed to have gone completely extinct three generations ago. Obviously it’s still on its way out, but nevertheless it’s an interesting story and might mean that linguists… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 26 2018

World update: February 24-25 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Three Taliban attacks overnight between Friday and Saturday left at least 20 Afghan soldiers dead across southern Afghanistan. Of those, at least 18 were killed in one attack on a checkpoint in Farah province early Saturday morning. Two suicide attacks in Helmand province resulted in the other casualties. Another three people were killed… Continue reading World update: February 24-25 2018

World update: January 19 2018

THE TERRORISM COLA WARS Al-Qaeda, or at least individual al-Qaeda branches, are reportedly trying to take advantage of ISIS’s misfortunes by undertaking recruitment efforts to poach fighters away from the newer upstart. This phenomenon has been reported in North Africa, the Sahel, Syria, and Yemen. So far it doesn’t appear to have borne much fruit,… Continue reading World update: January 19 2018

World update: November 9 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN One man was killed and two others injured by a suicide bomber in Balkh province on Thursday. The dead man was Abdul Ghani, described as a former militant turned businessman. Meanwhile, the UN says it believes at least 10 civilians were killed in an American airstrike in Kunduz province on Saturday, which is… Continue reading World update: November 9 2017

Asia/Africa update: November 7-8 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Gunmen affiliated with ISIS attacked the Shamshad TV station in Kabul on Tuesday, killing at least one person and triggering a three hour battle with Afghan police. The station, to its credit, went back on the air within minutes after police had secured the building. KASHMIR Indian forces pursuing Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Maulana Masood Azhar… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 7-8 2017