World update: April 18 2018

OK, so. WordPress has been down most of the day so I prepared a short update in case it came back online at some point. As you can undoubtedly tell, it is back, but it’s too late and I’m too fried to write anything else today so this will have to do. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA… Continue reading World update: April 18 2018

Conflict update, November 11

Here’s a big update on events in the greater MENA region to punish you and/or make up for the fact that I’ve gone a little dark around here since Donald Trump was elected. Iraq Iraqi federal police, are in the process of entering Mosul from the south. This will put them in position to advance… Continue reading Conflict update, November 11

Conflict update, November 1

Syria Syria’s parent corporation, Russia, decreed today that peace talks are on hold “indefinitely,” citing Moscow’s strong desire to blow a whole bunch more shit up the West’s failure to separate the good rebels from the bad rebels: Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday a Western failure to rein in violent Islamists in… Continue reading Conflict update, November 1

Conflict update, October 29

Iraq It took a few days, but the predominantly-Shiʿa Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have now joined the Mosul offensive. With regular Iraqi forces pushing toward Mosul from the south and Kurdish Peshmerga advancing from the east and north, the PMU are being deployed to the west to capture surrounding towns and fully encircle the city.… Continue reading Conflict update, October 29

A sense of proportionality

Earlier today the Yemeni rebels (I’ve decided to stop always calling them “Houthis,” because they’re not all Houthis) launched a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia. The missile was intercepted and destroyed by the Saudis before it reached its target, and the Saudis then counterattacked against the site from which the missile was launched. Ho-hum, right?… Continue reading A sense of proportionality

Mosul/Aleppo/Yemen update, October 23

Mosul Kurdish forces attacked Bashiqa, another village a short distance east of Mosul. The Kurds claim that they “completely control” Bashiqa now, but it’s not entirely clear what they mean by that and it’s very likely that some ISIS fighters still remain in the town. Nevertheless, it’s being reported that the Peshmerga have advanced to… Continue reading Mosul/Aleppo/Yemen update, October 23

The United States is showing…restraint?

It’s now been a few days since US cruise missiles destroyed three Yemeni radar installations controlled by the Houthis and their pro-Saleh allies in retaliation for two attempted missile strikes against a US destroyer in the Red Sea. Well, yesterday the other shoe dropped: The UN special envoy for Yemen has announced the plan for… Continue reading The United States is showing…restraint?