Reviving an old idea

Some of you may remember a while back I had an idea to compile a glossary of terms, names, etc. related to foreign affairs, the Middle East, basically anything that gets covered around here. Some of you may even occasionally click on that embarrassingly barely started glossary page that’s still sitting there on the front

Happy Father’s Day from attwiw

In honor of the holiday, my wife has asked to be attwiw’s first guest blogger. I’ve been ordered not to edit this in any way, so here it goes: In the interest of keeping Derek’s marbles in his head a little longer, our daughter and I have obtained a restraining order prohibiting him from getting

Small site change

After months of putting up with this theme’s ugly and badly formatted blockquoting because I like everything else about it, I finally took a few minutes today and changed the site’s CSS to fix the block quotes. They won’t be big and jarring anymore. You may notice some new problems with the blockquote formatting on

More Patreon stuff

Hey, sorry to put you through another housekeeping post, but I’m going to start moving some past Patreon essays over to WordPress under the same paywall system as Saturday’s essay. This is pretty much a naked hustle for more subscribers but I also think it will be nice to integrate those essays into the blog

Trying something new today

As an experiment, I’ve just posted one of the essays I write every week (give or take) for my supporters over at Patreon on this site instead. WordPress has a new-ish feature that is supposed to work with Patreon that allows you to lock content for Patreon subscribers only. Assuming it works I’m going to keep posting